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As we enter into our 9th year of serving the community of Perth and surrounding area, we have commemorated this event with the unveiling of our newly designed website at www.odacrefamily.com. You will notice many changes have taken place since launching www.odacrefamily.ca, our first website, back in 2007.

In celebrating this event. We wanted our website to adopt a more home-town feel.

To this end we would like to talk a little about the history of this luxurious and stately building, the John Armour residence, here at 15 Victoria Street.

The land, originally owned by John Glass Malloch, was subsequently sold to the prosperous businessman, Mr. John Armour. Built in the 1880's from the munificent legacy bequeathed to him from Scotland, the former residence boast gorgeous front parlours with original fireplaces, woodworks, and a stained glass of St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music.

In 1966, the Lanark County Board of Education purchased the John Armour residence, and in 1972 built an addition to the stately old home.

In 1999, entrepreneurs Jim and Mona Daniels, purchased the Armour residence and began massive renovations towards creating a new funeral home, in Perth. By the summer of 2000, the Perth & District Funeral Home Inc., opened its doors to the public, serving families throughout Perth and Lanark County.

In 2007, the Perth and District Funeral Home Inc., was sold to funeral director, J. E. (John) O'Dacre and his wife Janey.

From this began the tradition of the O'Dacre Family Funeral Home, to serve the community with dignity, respect, and most of all, compassion.


Welcome to our new and improved website at odacrefamily.com!  We hope you like the changes as we have once again partnered with Frazer Consultants Inc. to bring you the most updated, informative, and user-friendly web experience to date, complete with a mobile version that is easy to use, when you are on the go.